How should I submit my creative samples?
All required creative samples must be accessible via a link (Google Drive, Dropbox, Portfolio Website, etc.) Please provide the link in your submission email.

Can I send you a copy of my actual portfolio in the mail?
No, all application materials must be included in your submission email.

Does 10 samples mean 10 campaigns or 10 pages?  Do I need to submit 10?
The maximum is 10 creative samples, which means campaigns. If you do no have 10 samples, that is fine. If you have more than 10 samples, choose your best work.

Do you only accept advertising samples?
Advertising samples are best, but we have students submit packages design and general graphic design who have gone on to win the Scholarship. More important than the number or category of the samples is the quality of the work

How should professors / employers provide their recommendations / transcripts?
We allow students to submit recommendations and transcripts along with their work, with the knowledge that we may contact their professors/employers for verification. We also allow professors/employers to email recommendations and transcripts directly to bbscholarship@ddb.com

What is the purpose of the Personal Statement?
The ability to communicate is essential to the advertising industry. The essay’s topic, “Why should you win the Bill Bernbach Diversity Scholarship?” is purposefully broad. Please use this as an opportunity for us to learn about you. Advocate for yourself. Are you in financial need? Do you consider yourself the world’s greatest talent? Do you embody Bill Bernbach’s mantra of creativity and humanity? This is your chance to let us know. Your essay may be used to help break a tie between candidates.

What if I am a student from a school not on the list?
Students applying from schools other than those listed as preferred advertising-portfolio schools must be enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited university/college; In pursuit of an undergraduate degree as an Art Director, Designer or Copywriter and able to provide a creative portfolio for review.

Do you have a question not answered on this website? Please contact bbscholarship@ddb.com with any question you may have.