DDB: The History

The history of DDB Worldwide began with the founding of Doyle Dane Bernbach on June 1, 1949.  As a creative man at Grey Advertising, Bill Bernbach had worked closely with an account executive named Ned Doyle, and together they joined with Mac Dane to establish a new agency devoted to a new kind of advertising – one that broke the ‘hard sell’ traditions of advertising at that time.

Bernbach, the creative leader, believed in appealing to consumers’ intelligence with good humor.  The agency used disarming honesty and irony to create classic campaigns for Volkswagen, Avis, El Al, Chivas Regal and a host of other clients attracted by Bernbach’s pattern-breaking approach.

There was nothing else like the work Bill Bernbach and his colleagues did.  It revolutionized the concept of advertising, particularly in the United States and then cascaded throughout the world.

This is the tradition DDB is charged with carrying today and into the future.